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Complete source code is available for this solution. Binary installs are provided for both the Windows Forms application and for the Windows service.

The Data Access Layer, the Business Layer and the Windows Forms application for this solution where all code generated using Tek Artisan AppFactory. The master database creation script was created using the free Database Script Builder available at the Tek Artisan web site. The Windows service was hand-coded using the DAL and the BL produced by the AppFactory. Total development time including creation of the database, code generation of the AppFactory produced components, development of the Windows service and deployment to CodePlex was less than 6 hours.

Developer Express controls are used by the Windows Forms application. If you are a user of these controls, then this source project might be of particular interest to you. If you are not a user of these controls then you will not be able to build the Windows Forms application. However, any Visual Studio user will be able to build and deploy the Data Access Layer, the Business Layer (each builds to its own DLL) and the Windows service. If you are not a user of Developer Express controls, then we recommend that you download the msi setup for the Windows Forms app and use it for administration of your system.

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